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The green job market is expanding. Interested in getting into this expanding field? Here are some promising possibilities.

Interested in a Green Career? Try These Promising Possibilities

As society increasingly adopts an eco-friendly mindset, green jobs are becoming more popular to pursue than ever before. In the past, though, the problem has been finding an available job to apply for. Times are starting to change, and the green job market is getting larger by the day. Four careers, in particular, are beginning to stand out as great options for job seekers in 2013.

Harnessing Energy From The Sun

Interesting green jobsHarnessing solar energy is becoming more affordable, and there are increased opportunities for those looking to sell or install this renewable resource. Particularly in the past few years, opportunities for solar panel professionals have continued to rise, even as other sectors struggle to simply maintain their existing positions. More than 60,000 solar jobs have been added to the workforce in the last five years, with the majority of the positions located in California, Pennsylvania and New York.

Building Eco-Friendly Homes

The past few years have been particularly difficult for builders. However, green builders are the exception to the rule; as people become more invested in saving energy and helping the environment, green construction has exploded. Currently, nearly 20 percent of all construction involves green architecture. That number is expected to grow; by the end of 2016, around 35 percent of the homes built will be green. In addition, many existing structures are receiving green makeovers, providing even more work for this sector.

Supporting A Clean Economy Through The Auto Industry

The green industry and the automobile world don’t seem to have a lot in common at first glance. However, there are a surprising number of green jobs available in this sector. In the past, the automobile industry resisted the green movement; however, when the government instituted fuel economy rules and took several other steps to keep the auto industry from going under, jobs were created to help support a clean economy.

Engaging In Sustainable Farming

The world’s population, already at about 7 billion people, continues to grow and use up natural resources at an alarming rate. Sustainable farming is one way to make sure that healthy foods are available, and it is a popular option because the process doesn’t involve many chemicals and uses less energy than traditional methods. In fact, some estimate that organic farmers will have to triple their numbers in the next few years simply to be able to handle demand.

Green jobs are exploding all across the country. In addition to the four possibilities listed above, those interested in a green career could find success as a Los Angeles fashion designer, environmental engineer, Hoboken pest control technician or urban designer. The opportunities out there are incredibly vast as more businesses focus on helping the Earth in addition to making a profit.

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