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Stabilizing the Economy: How Three New Bills Could Encourage Green Job Growth

Pushing for Change: Three New Bills That Could Lead to More Green Jobs

Congress has a number of challenges to deal with right now, as they have not been able to come to an agreement on several important fiscal issues. Still, members of the Senate and the House continue to press forward with bills that could lead to more green jobs and help the U.S. manufacturing sector stabilize and grow. In addition, several states, including Maryland and New York, are passing bills that could have a profound impact on green job growth.

The Advanced Vehicle Technology Act

New Bills that Will Increase Green JobsWhen it was first discussed, the Advanced Vehicle Technology Act received strong backing from both environmental groups and car manufacturers. Two Michigan politicians have taken it upon themselves to bring this act back to the attention of the Senate and the Congress. If implemented, it would take about three billion dollars of money from the Department of Energy and use it to make United States’ vehicles much more efficient. The entire line of American cars, trucks and buses would be affected.

This bill will have a number of benefits if passed. First, it would help the United States become more independent and not rely on foreign oil sources as heavily as we do now. In addition, there would be a large number of new green jobs available in the manufacturing sector, and alternative fuel options would be further developed, which is good news for the environment.

The Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act

After several years, Maryland’s state senate finally passed a bill earlier this month that will require the state to get a certain amount of its power from offshore wind energy. As a result, just under a thousand green jobs will be created, as 40 turbines need to be constructed. The bill failed previously because there were fears that residents would be hit with a much higher power bill than before, but this year, safeguards were included with the legislation that should keep that from happening. Many proponents of the bill feel that this could lead to bigger and better things when it comes to offshore wind energy. Reports indicate that hundreds of thousands of jobs could be created if this industry is explored to its full potential.

New York’s Renewable Energy Technology Bill

In early March, New York passed a bill to make renewable energy technologies more affordable for consumers. By decreasing the cost of these technologies, they become more accessible for homeowners and businesses alike. As wind power, solar power and other renewable energies are utilized more often, the clean energy industry in New York will grow, bringing with it new jobs to keep up with the increased demand.

The future of the green job market looks bright, as new legislation continues to be introduced to help support its growth. Whether you are interested in working as a Los Angeles pest control technician or a New York solar engineer, keep an eye out for new opportunities popping up near you!

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