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Green job seekers have many choices when it comes to eco-friendly careers in 2013

Finding a Green Job: What 2013 Has in Store for You

While jobs will still be hard to come by in 2013, there are certain sectors that will see growth. Healthcare, real estate, technology and the “green” field are all areas to keep an eye on in the months to come.

New Year – New Opportunities

Finding a green job in 2013With the new year in its infancy, many job seekers are hopeful that 2013 will bring an abundance of fresh opportunities. Overall, though, experts do not expect to see a significant number of new jobs. However, certain industries could see quite a bit of growth, and green jobs in particular should continue to rise in numbers.

In addition to eco-friendly positions, job seekers would be wise to keep an eye out for entry-level positions and careers that require highly-skilled laborers. For example, more contractors will be needed in the coming months, and there should be an influx of temporary positions in a variety of fields.

Opportunities in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has remained solid even as other job sectors floundered. In 2013, much of the same can be expected. People are living longer than ever before, and the healthcare reform currently underway should increase the number of positions in the medical field across the board. In particular, physical therapists, pharmacists, nurses and occupational therapists will be needed. Also, as the medical field increasingly begins to focus on “green healthcare”,a number of jobs should open up to support this ideal as well. Clinics constructed in an eco-friendly manner and gowns made with recycled materials are just two examples of the changes the future will bring. People will always need healthcare, so it is a solid field to consider both now and in the years to come.

Real Estate Positions

The real estate market had its share of struggles in the past, but things are definitely looking up. As a result, 2013 should see a number of new positions in this field, particularly for agents and builders. The green industry is tied to this sector as well; more and more people are interested in making their homes greener, or purchasing greener homes; everything from installing solar panels for renewable energy to green organic pest control. The interested green job seeker has a multitude of areas to explore when it comes to real estate.

The Technology Field

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on technology; tablets and smartphones are used by millions of people every day. The number of technology positions, therefore, should increase steadily over the next twelve months, and the jobs will not necessarily require a college degree. Instead, experience will be crucial to securing a job as a web designer, developer, sales engineer, social media marketer and more.

Finding a job will continue to be a challenge in 2013. However, by fine-tuning your skills in certain sectors, including the “green” field, technology, health care and real estate, you are much more likely to be successful in your quest for employment.

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