Green Jobs

Exploring How Clean Energy is Stimulating Job Growth

Gaining Ground with Green Energy: A Look at the U.S. Job Market

The number of green jobs is steadily increasing across the United States, in part because of government support, but also because businesses see the benefit of becoming more eco-friendly. Not only can they save money, but being able to advertise themselves as a “green” company helps to improve their public image. As more citizens embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle as well, green workers are benefiting from the different opportunities materializing across the country.

Solar Installation

Green energy, such as solar power is gaining ground.Solar panels are beginning to pop up everywhere. They are especially popular in California, although their numbers increased substantially across the country in 2012. More than 80,000 homes had solar panels installed, and things like no-money-down leases helped make the projects affordable. Homeowners are beginning to recognize how much money solar panels can help them save, and they understand that these products are a crucial part of green living. As a result, home solar installation companies are flourishing and hiring more workers.

Clean Energy

Thousands of new green jobs are set to open up as a result of clean energy projects. For example, in California, the Genesis solar energy project will attract people skilled in construction, maintenance and installation. However, there are a number of other jobs related to solar energy that are available throughout the United States, including field technicians and solar sales consultants.

Job Statistics

Less than five percent of all workers have a job that is considered “green,” although that number is expected to steadily rise. California tends to have the most opportunities for workers, although both Texas and New York have hundreds of thousands of positions as well. Jobs range from municipal bus drivers, to park rangers to Orange County pest control technicians. As the United States moves toward energy independence, something that is quickly becoming a priority, the government is expected to invest more resources into green jobs. That will mean even more opportunities for job seekers in the near future. Still, it is important to remember that the number of positions that are available at any given time often depends on things like legislative mandates and government incentives.

Job Outlook

People employed in clean energy positions can expect to be paid well for their efforts. In the future, salaries should rise as oil prices go up and the effects of climate change become more difficult to fix. Many people believe that the green industry will mimic the same path as the computer industry; although job numbers were small in the beginning, the computer industry quickly expanded and now employs millions of people.

Green jobs are on the rise, and they are positively impacting the job market in the United States. The future should only bring increased opportunities for interested individuals.

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