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What Can Green Remodeling Do For You?

The Top 5 Reasons Green Remodeling Projects are a Smart Investment

Green remodeling is all the rage these days, but beyond the obvious environmental benefits, some homeowners are curious as to how a home improvement project of this nature will directly help them. There are actually several different benefits of engaging in a green remodeling project, ranging from improving the value of the home to improving the quality of the air.

Green Remodeling Projects Help You Sell For More

Learn about green remodelingBuyers want green homes. Unfortunately, there are not that many of them available on the market, although that is slowly changing. Therefore, by remodeling in an eco-friendly fashion, you will make your home more desirable and be able to command a higher price for the property. This is true whether you go all out and install solar panels on your roof or whether you simply make a small change and install an energy efficient appliance.

Save Money by Going Green

When you make energy-efficient changes during the remodeling process, you will save money on your monthly power bill. This includes installing energy-efficient appliances and putting in better insulation. In addition, you can also save water as well, reducing your bill in that area. To make a difference, focus on installing toilets that use less water when flushed or add a low-flow sprinkler system to your yard.

Help Your Community

By increasing your home’s “green” factor, you also reduce the impact it has on the surrounding community. For example, green properties typically contribute less waste to the landfills and require less help from local power plants. In addition, the local economy generally benefits as well, as using supplies and workers from the community is a part of going green.

Improve Aesthetic Appeal

One aspect of green remodeling is the process of seeking out recycled or renewable materials for the property. Some worry that doing so means the quality of the remodel will suffer. However, sustainable products are actually quite durable and attractive. For instance, bamboo flooring is an increasingly popular green remodeling option because the bamboo plant grows quickly. The flooring is easy to maintain and water resistant. And, it looks as good (or better!) than a traditional hardwood floor.

Enjoy Better Air Quality

Building materials emit toxins. Therefore, when you go green during the remodeling process, you are keeping some of those toxins out and improving your living environment in the process. Not only will that help you and your family stay healthy, but it has a positive impact on your brain as well. Studies have shown that people who are exposed to better air quality are more productive.

When you remodel your home in an environmentally friendly fashion, you help to keep the planet healthy for future generations. In addition, doing so will directly benefit you in a number of ways, including increasing the resale value of your home. And, when the process is complete, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy your new and improved Dix Hills real estate property!

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